Neighbors-Home Music aims to contribute to the world’s most vulnerable children by providing our singing/study program in schools and partner organizations.

What we do

Our foundation establish a program of music and singing, with the purpose of offering courses in this material to young people of High School level, so that they can be international singers and there, to be able to create an extensive network of new talents.

Mission and Vision

We emphasize, within our mission, school perseverance and the importance of socio-cultural bonds as a way to build the future, for young people living with daily difficulties, a place of comfort and a family reunited by the same passion.
Our program promotes diversity and supports young people, with economic difficulties and/or less social support, so that they discover their talents and have opportunities in the music industry.

Our Heart

Thousands of children live under resources and have family difficulties; many have had to move many times due to political conflicts that have separated neighborhoods, country and their families.


The school is a safe place for them to save them from the streets and difficulties of their districts. The school and our program is a place where they can learn, grow, socialize and build their future.

Our Partners

We have created important ties and a wonderful relationship with the Fundacion Pies Desclazos de Shakira, and we have carried out actions in the Colombian territory, in addition we have schools partners in Puerto Rico and the United States.
Let’s offer together, a path for talented young people and a bright future for music in the world!


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