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The beauty of Neighbors-Home Music glow in the art of entertainment and music.


We are the founders of festival audio recording services, known as Music Trucks. We bring a whole new musical experience, to the place where you really need it.


We know dreams never have borders, and that’s why we travel with you through your best moments.


It doesn’t matter if you’re on vacation, or in an important business trip, we have a professional recording studio in your favourite hotel.

We are specialists in the realization and production of musical hits, we have an open focus that allows us to find new talents and create opportunities for everyone in the music scene.


We promote the future and careers of the world’s most vulnerable children, thanks to our singing/study program designed and developed by music professionals and the business industry.
We created the Neighbors Home Music Foundation for children and young people in schools, with the aim of promoting academic perseverance and the full realization of being themselves through the art and music.


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